Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society

Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society

Contact Person(s): Jill DeBourg, President
Availability: 24/7
Service Cost: FREE
Address: 7a FitzBlackman Drive, Wrightson Road Extension, Port of Spain

Service Areas
Trinidad & Tobago, Online, Mobile, Phone
Face to face based on case and geographical location

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Mental Health is one of the many areas that the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society ( TTRCS) have been working in for many years and during COVID is no exception. We recognized that persons have been and will be faced with challenges that may exceed their normal stress levels which can overwhelm their coping mechanisms.

We at TTRCS, have offered the following services to the public in the hopes of assisting persons in regaining some level of normalcy through our ” Health Minds, Healthy Me” Initiative:

  • Hotline and whatsapp Service: This is a toll free number that persons can call for assistance.There is also a whatsapp service availableReferrals: Through the various mediums, we can refer persons to other agencies that have the capacity to respond Coping Kits: There are three kits that were developed to assist persons in coping, a child kit, a wellness kit for adults and a coping kits for adults Training: This can be offered through webinars or face to face based on number of persons and will adhere to social distancing regulations Counseling: This intervention can be done one on one, as a group or family

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